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DISASTER - A Diagnosis of Modern Business (Crocon & Friends)

We are proud and happy to announce that we published our first book - "DISASTER - A Diagnosis of Modern Business" by Crocon & Friends.

Based on our business experience almost three decades long and our cooperation with domestic and international business partners, the book is a so-called picture book for business people, an illustrated look on business, behaviors and relationships between (business) people today.

The idea for the book came to our CEO Linda Poščić Borovac after one of many draining and useless visits to public services. She wished to create something completely opposite of that experience, something simple and lively.

The book was a project we worked on for years, completely outside of our core business, using every "extra" moment we had collaborating with a small, carefully seleceted group of people, exceptional at what they do and awarded by the profession accordingly - author Zoran Krušvar and Red Dot awarded designer Veronika Uravić Čolak.

The concept of the book takes us through a clinic that deals with patients, business people who thanks to the way business has been conducted lately have lost their way, snapped a little, got discouraged. Traveling through our PM Clinic we point out and have fun with the main issues, calling them symptoms our patient is suffering from, concluding every chapter with a sutiable diagnosis.

We are asking: Why is the point of business imprisoned by forms, questionnaires, contracts? Why do we spend 15+ years in an educational system that is not preparing us for life? Why do we pay lazy, irresponsible people in real money when the work they do is fake? Why are relationships between business partners dying out and a person's word means less and less? Why are we complicating everything instead of simplifying? Why did we forget to truly listen?

In this concept, there are the doctors of the clinic, actually in real life examples of good businessmen and women, people whose practices and attitudes one can be inspired by. All the while we are offering therapy to help the patient, change perspective, make fun, have fun, so other than the doctors stories, there are also advice columns, fairytales and other humorous satirical texts in the book.

We are happy as the book has been extremely well received and our points and humor recognized universally:

'It's very rare that something surprises you in a way that you don't know what's hiding behind the next page. In any case, it's not predictable, which reminded me of Tarantino's films, back when we first started discovering him. Expect the unexpected." 

"Introduce as an almanac for all students and future managers. Good job! Creativity is the most valuable thing we have."

"It really is a TOP book. I don't know if you're even aware of what kind of impact you're going to make."

The book is available in Croatian and in English and you can find out more about it on our web page

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