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"DISASTER" wins Content Marketing Award 2021 as Best Corporate Book

It's been quite a journey for our passion project „DISASTER – A Diagnosis of Modern Business“ – from an idea formed in Linda's notebook long time ago to a decision to create this „picturebook for businessmen“, it's been numerous brainstorming sessions, coffees, teas, back-and-forth e-mails, ideas, changes, laughing fits and memorable moments between Linda and Ana at Crocon, our writer Zoran Krušvar and our designer Veronika Uravić Čolak.

When the book finally saw the light of day in the fall of 2020, right amidst the turbulent period encompassing the whole world, we could only hope for the best.

Fast forward to July 2021 and „DISASTER“ has not only sold in more than 400 copies worldwide but also been chosen as the BEST CORPORATE BOOK by the Content Marketing Institute and rewarded with a Content Marketing Award!

Between 1000 applicants for the award „DISASTER“ is awarded as best in our category and we are especially happy that CMI recognized our work as one of the lead marketing authorities in the world and in this way gave us a chance to spread even wider the message and values Crocon has been living for nearly three decades in the international business.

The judging panel consisted of industry professionals and marketing specialists and it is truly an honor to have been chosen as a winner, especially considering the company we are in: Spotify, HBO, IKEA, Subaru, Ericsson, Mayo Clinic, John's Hopkins and many more companies with impressive backgrounds.

Once more we prove to ourselves that when you work and create from your heart, nothing is impossible!