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What's the point?

In between millions and millions of questions we are plastered with every day, unnecessarily stuck, socially paralyzed, genuinely severed from our roots in order to become confused, susceptible, easily swayed, dependent… we are actually standing on the verge of lunacy because we don’t know how to answer the one important question: “What’s the point?” What’s the essence?

We constantly worry about something, we get lost and wonder between narrow definitions of success, we stretch ourselves all over ludicrous tasks and activities, poison ourselves with information, all along pretending we know everything and have it under control, not knowing how to answer the question “What’s the point?”.

We search for certainty, yes, just this… to be safe today, tomorrow, from the sun, rain, tornado, crisis, bad people, envy, hackers, rats, failure, bad neighbors, earthquakes, garbage… We search for certainty in banks, companies, stock exchange, properties, movables, jewelry… We search for certainty in healthy food, routine, habits… But there is no certainty. There never was. Certainty doesn’t exist and that is way existence is so challenging, beautiful. We keep searching for something that isn’t there, missing out on the beauty of life with all its risks, dangers, insecurities. We accept being plastic and at the same time bring measures to ban it. Just as a rose would become plastic if it were to become safe from the strong wind or a hungry goat wanting to eat it, a playful child wanting to pluck it. But that is the beauty of the rose, the beauty of life, being surrounded by challenges, winds, rains, sun and clouds. We are beautiful, just as the rose is, when we know how to surrender to life. And when we don’t know and just want to have, if everything is imposed on us, defined, “safe”, that is when life becomes a prison and joy and freedom disappear. And there is only one kind of freedom, there are not many kinds. There are many kinds of prison, though. Only one truth, but a million lies.

The point is not in the masses, the mass can give us a form, discipline, style, labels, mass can make us dependent on many things, things that are important to it – knowledge and reputation it lends us, some personality it borrows from some source, probably schools, universities, church, state… The mass will not teach us about freedom or love, the best it will do is to adjust the prisons so we enjoy walking from one to another. We can change sides, religions, ideologies, we can believe we feel free, but it is all the same trap, only with a different name.

“What’s the point?” isn’t a promise of politics, religion, ideology to ease your fear of insecurity.


What are we afraid of anyway?

We came with nothing and that is how we will leave.

And before we have to leave, why don't we laugh more, love more, breathe more, sing more, play more, meditate more, imagine more, be as fearless children are since there is nothing to really lose but the answer to our question to gain?

Many people have thought about the point and said it better:

For a good life we need so little, and even without it we would manage. (Dušan Radović)


Linda Poščić Borovac for