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When a virus backs you into a corner - The virtual school of Covid

Always one to take on a new challenge, this week our Linda Poščić Borovac became a columnist on! The online portal is CSR oriented and run by the same team responsible for the amazing book-planner "UM" (Učinkovit menadžer i uspješan tim), which has been promoting and celebrating the "good Croatia" for 20 years! Linda has been contributing to the book for many years writing a yearly think piece and now the mutually respectful and friendly cooperation has been extended by Linda's commitment to be a columnist on the website. 


Stories are medicine. Some have incredible power. They set the inner life in motion And that is extremely important, especially when life is chaotic, complex, confusing, genuinely forgotten. This is one of those stories. True. Real. Recently lived. A story about us. People. A story that, as any regular yet powerful story, doesn't expect us to be anything, do anything, search for anything – only to feel and listen. Listen.

This story doesn't end where this text ends, you won't know the ending. There are still many empty pages to write on, a sequel to be written. We, people, are like books with many parts, movies and TV shows with multiple episodes and seasons. This one could be called "We lost focus, we need instructions, a lesson, a reset", it could also be called "You forgot to be grateful, compassionate, capable of serving others", but the story is the same and it goes something like this:

Millions of you walk the streets, but you're not alive. There is no stream of life in your eyes, they are closed, your mind filled with information. When you think you know everything, NOTHING is a MIRACLE. And living without miracles, wonder and amazement, means not to live at all.

You've become robots of life, work, mentally anesthesized little people unsatisfied by each new day, greedy for money, sceptics, cynics, calculated victims... Is it possible you've allowed yourselves to disappear as good people?

As children, as play, as feelings, as imagination, as positives, as colors? Does this kind of life make sense to you? You must learn a whole new langugage, only then you will be able to change this already suffering, rotting humanity. Little, regular, good people will gladly accept my teachings. Those who believe they are large, because they are powerful amongst men, will suffocate and wonder...

You must learn again what freedom is. Only then will you understand that freedom means responsibility. You will have to understand there is only one real cure to everything and it is called awareness, conscience. These you can't buy in a pharmacy, online, black market, from a friend, you will have to dig deeper, change your internal chemistry, break up with automatization, stop taking life for granted, wake up, because you've been sleeping. For a long, long time you have been in a deep slumber, enjoying decorating your dreams without giving your lives meaning.

Life is not a general reherseal, it flows. Life can't be postponed, it is not instant, something premade. Life is not numbers, earnings, supply and demand, twisted beliefs, immoral ideas, unseen pressure and stress, control of everything, digital dictatorship, arrogance, hypocrisy, politics, unwritten rules... Life is not a comfortable, beautiful, cheap and always available lie. The lie that is set to serve you at every step, that can be bought anywhere, as much as you like, and made custom as you need it. To reach peace.

That's why you are against the truth, because it asks that you adapt to it, not it to you, and that is hard. You would have to discard many things, most of all EGO. And that one's the toughest.

Maybe I was exactly what you needed, today, for this new episode of THE BING BANG. And tomorrow for some new awareness episode that is to come. There are many empty pages to fill, new chances to make yourselves right, to shape life they way you deserve it. To be in balance with yourselves, others and especially the planet.

To have a beautiful life you will need little, for a bad one much more.

Do not waste time hating any at all uncertainty or failure. They are always better teachers than certainty and success. Don't waste time hating me. I am but a lesson. First one, big one. Learn it and move on. Listen. Learn, learn again. And don't understimate the power of little things and big meaning.



This story, which could be called ARE WE BECOMING BETTER PEOPLE or THE HOPE CLUB could actually be titled many ways; we could even love it, we could add on it wisely, develop it in child spirit and tell it to new generations as a story about a cure that brought back humanity. We could, if we don't forget about it in a few days.

SMALL things, BIG difference. Don't underestimate the power of small.

Linda Poščić Borovac

*Entrepreneur, CEO of Crocon d.o.o., promotor of social responsibility, poet,founder of Happy ThinGS Academy, author of world renowned creative projects...


April, 2020.