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If in your every day business and life you find yourself faced with too many useless information, fake news, human stupidity, ridiculous pressures, forms that serve only themselves and various other bullshit, and at the same time you find yourself to be responsible, dedicated to your work and willing to change things, you might think that YOU are the one that's not normal. 

PM Clinic doctors have just the book for you - DISASTER – Diagnosis of Modern Business.

This is the book we were writing while we were dealing with psychotic fits of our clients, business partners and colleagues. We hoped it would open a few eyes and tell people that being miserable is not a virtue, that being blinded by rules and systems is not healthy, that we need to appreciate creativity and play. Yes, even in serious business. Especially in serious business, because children take their play seriously… Cutting to the point, this picturebook for business people is an antidote to the present state of the business world and a call for change!