The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

AWWWARDS best website award

In the last two years, Crocon's marketing approach, turned fully towards the values we live by each day, values in our work, among our colleagues and in the relationship with our clients and principals: SIMPLICITY, POSITIVITY, PROACTIVITY and COMMUNICATION. It was therefore a logical step, to enrich also our website with the same values, concept and story. Through an introduction video we’ve shown this passion in our work, through simplicity we’ve described our world and our home, including our contact data but without the usual “call us” or “fax” icons. Through positivity, we have, described our perspective, values and our force, what truly moves our team. Through proactivity we have touched our core, referring to our principals, companies we represent and our references, that is, our clients, shipowners and vessels. And at last, but not least, through communication, we continue to publish our news and our thank you’s for valuable acknowledgements very dear to our hearts.        

Although unusual, you seemed to like our concept, since we received a countless number of beautiful comments on our new website. And so another big and noteworthy acknowledgment came our way. Our website was recognized by world professionals at the international best websites award, AWWWARDS, where it got among the nominees.

Here too, you've outdone yourself. You've voted in many, and at the close of the voting, we proudly counted 171 users, about 100 users above the average. You've brought our website's final score to 8.25, again an above average high score. Thank you!     

However, our website's final evaluation was in the hands of an expert jury, consisting of creative directors and web designers from all over the world and they recognized us with an 'Honorable mention' special honor awarded to websites with the highest scores, solely based on the evaluation and scores of the jury.

We've been through an amazing journey. Our web analytics has never tracked so many visits to our website. Nothing could have been possible without our creative partner E-scape Internet Services that turned our vision into a winning website. We are proud for having created something valuable, a website that will stimulate someone’s thinking, perhaps make them change their attitude, perspective, for the better, and influence positively their lives and the lives of others around them.