The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Crocon at Bisnode4Excellence 2019

Last Wednesday on October 2nd we had the honor of participating in the Bisnode4Excellence 2019 conference in Zagreb as one of the selected speakers. Our director Linda Poščić Borovac was invited to talk about the unique way our company Crocon functions under the topic „Positivity and humor in serious business“. In the words of the conference organizers, the speakers were selected according to the idea they had, but they were missing that something to seal the deal, „someone different, excellent in life“, and this was Linda.

We can say without false modesty that Linda was one of the most noted speakers, as we had the pleasure of witnessing the delight and spontaneity of the people from different companies and business sectors approaching Linda after the conference, wishing to soak up a bit of her positivity and energy.    

Instead of a classic presentation, we chose the conversation form in an endeavour to tell our story in a relaxed and natural manner, as much as possible, and this led to some interesting questions, exchange of opinions and, most importantly, laughter. The audience was very alert during Linda's interview and it's entirely possible that there was less phone checking during the same half hour period. smile

The moment that marked Linda's „performance“ was surely when she presented the conference host with a metal hook, a limited edition movie prop from the awarded short movie „Miraculous Sport“ produced by Happy ThinGS Academy and based on Linda's original satirical text. Linda explained the rules – only the person holding the hook has the right to complain. But maybe the hook produces a countereffect and this person stops to think and decides, instead of just belly-aching, to try and come up with a constructive solution?

Linda also discussed our specific methodology, our way of everyday functioning as a team, internally and outwardly, why working in shipbuilding and marine business is anything but boring, the way we face the less pleasant situations and the values we appreciate and promote. Our method called „Frustration to the side“ was shortly presented and above all we were able to prove that only a truly strong and serious company can allow itself the luxury of working through humor and playfulness, because when a company, as well as an individual, has that genuine self-confidence, character and style coming out of three decades of experience, then they have nothing to fear.

Finally we concluded that, even though in the beginning the half hour allotted to us seemed more than enough, we could've actually spoken for hours about everything that matters to us, what we love and do, and everything that is yet to come.

But we'll leave that for some other opportunity. smile