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Crocon awards IstraTrek winners

Recreational, Mountaineering and Ultra are 3 categories in which last Saturday April 23, 2011 trekkers competed at the 6th Annual IstraTrek held in Buzet in the organization of the sports and recreational club Alba. For the first time, the race was moved from Labin on the coast in order to show the participants the charms and beauties of the Istrian countryside. The race drew a record 500 participants, and faced them with a challenge of finishing the chosen route of 12, 25 and 55km depending on the category.

IstraTrek race for all 3 categories passed through the most beautiful and hidden parts of Buzet and Ćićarija, through the untouched nature and ancient villages. The countryside that the trekkers were passing borders with Slovenia to the West and North, the river Mirna to the South and the Učka massive to the East.

This year too, the organizer prepared a large award fund, and the company Crocon d.o.o. was proud to be able to award the best male and female competitors for each category and as such has been recognized as sponsor on IstraTrek’s web page Crocon presented to the participants also the Fast Find personal location beacon of the company McMurdo for which a large number of competitors showed great interest.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the trekkers and organizers of the sports and recreational club Alba for a great organization and lovely time spent among the participants that lasted till late hours.
For more details about the race we bring you the following link