The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Crocon d.o.o. and Happy ThinGS Academy: Acting and recreation for all ages

In the spirit of continuous cooperation and mutual respect, Crocon was once again featured in the annual book and planner "Successfull manager and efective team". In the 2017 edition we contributed with a story on our founding and support of Happy ThinGS Academy and programs under its wings. The article was published as well on the portal , translated fully below.



Company Crocon d.o.o. from Kastav, its leadership and employees and a few more enthusiasts – friends, gladly took onto themselves the happy obligation of promoting positivity and amateur theatre creation in local community of Rijeka, for which purpose the association under „logical“ name was founded – Happy ThinGS Academy or GS Academy for short.

Everything started in 2013 at the time of Crocon's 20th anniversary celebration when two cabaret performances were featured, with amateur actors supported by professionals from Rijeka theatre. The first show was performed in Croatian for domestic friends and partners and the second in English for foreign partners. After the applause died down a great idea was born: we will form an association to promote theatre and show productions. In doing this we wanted to give a platform and a chance to the team that performed the cabaret, award their tremendous potential, especially motivate some of the actors who have been struggling to find work for years.

So it happened that the positivity-fueled enthusiasts – Linda, Nataša, Dragana, Ana, Denis and the whole Crocon team – used the tools they always felt most skilled with: the backpack of braveness, the offing of imagination, baloons of optimism, glitter of love for the community and explorer’s glasses. The “money injection” at the start was provided by Crocon, eventually with support from our business partners, even some foreign ones, and so we started giving shape to the program.

Currently there are three programs actively and successfully run under GS Academy – for children, young adults and adults respectively – and one more being considered for senior citizens.

Happy ThinGS Academy Acting school for children ages 6-16 is a program for young lovers of theatre and theatre expression which runs parallel to the school year, from October to June. Two-hour long rehearsals teach children a lot about theatre and acting. The second program under Happy ThinGS Academy is the Summer acting course for children ages 6-16 and it takes place during summer school break, a great chance to learn and have fun for all those spending their summer in Rijeka. Through dramatic exercise twice a week for an hour the children gain acting skills, develop characters and roles. The third program is Drama recreation for adults 18+, intended for all those grown-ups who have a small child lurking inside them hungry for laughter and fun! We exercise our bodies and voices, explore theatre forms and roles… The indirect effect of the drama recreation is the development of public speech and business skills, which a lot of people find very useful. And the other benefit, as well all know, is that acting equals anti-stress therapy!


Realized productions for children and adults we are proud of

The first production ever under GS Academy was “The wise book” and it premiered in 2014. The story is based on children philosophizing about books and titles they develop strongest emotional connection to. The second production called “Momo” premiered in 2015 and it featured so-called grey agents whose purpose is to make people life their lives too fast, doing more, working more, socializing less and less. The next show was was “Retrica” which was first shown in 2015 and musically themed. The story was about Retrica family teaching two mischievous people who’ve occupied the radio and are playing music known only to them with only a few sounds… The production “The nutty court” premiered in 2016 and was created based on our well known and awarded author Ana Ogrizović script – in which evertyhing is nutty and upside down in the far far galaxy where the Odd Kingdom can be found residing on a speck of star dust. And the most recent production, at the time of this article, was “Boogey women and Boogey men” which premiered in 2016 and was based on the text of the same name by Irena Kolar Vudrag, simply showing us that we can all identify with the title characters. Little Miro remembers his childhood when he often came across boogey people.

Everyone who watched our latest shows reacted with “Fenomenal!” and all of us from GS and Crocon well know: it’s always been only fenomenal!