The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Crocon's care of community featured on

In their efforts to live according to their values, Crocon d.o.o. continued to be a part of community's life in past few months, developing old projects and working on new ones by supporting an initiative which has the goal to help future generations of young people, as well as a chocolate company from Križevci, Croatia.

Every year Crocon thanks their Croatian and foreign partners by giving out custom promo materials. This year the gift package contained a special new addition – a tasty chocolate made by company Hedona d.o.o. from Križevci, known for employing primarily persons with disabilities, making them a special occurence in Croatian market. The chocolate wrapping was custom designed by Crocon and their creative partners.

„We were really happy to support Hedona in our modest scope and believe we contributed to some extent to spreading the word about this relatively new company with a truly worthy business model and principles. It was a new and extremely satisfactory cooperation.“


In February 2017 Crocon director Linda Poščić Borovac was a part of a panel discussion organized by PAR Business School from Rijeka and EBRD on the subject „How to prepare students for the job market?“. The panel discussion was part of the Private sector initiative for young people that has as its primary goal the support and assistance to young people entering the job market for the first time. During the discussion Mrs. Poščić Borovac accentuated what she considers the most important „tools“ in adjusting to the job market – the same values she develops and encourages in her employees on a daily basis: personal commitment, self-awareness and motivation. The rest of the panelists agreed with Mrs. Poščić Borovac that expert knowledge is important, but it should be enriched with the personal touch – the relationship between the company and the employee, enthusiasm and dedication. This will eventually help young people achieve their work and personal goals, as well as realize themselves as individuals.

The panelists included the dean of PAR Business School Mrs. Gordana Nikolić, the director of regional office of HUP (Croatian Employers Association) Mr. Nenad Seifert, Mr. Dejan Sablić (Metronet) and Alen Softić, student at Rijeka University.   

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