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sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Crocon sponsored Rijeka’s gymnasts

GK Rijeka team's silver medal at the Madrid tournament

Crocon enabled the participation of Rijeka's young gymnasts from the Gymnastic club Rijeka at the international competition in Madrid, Spain.

At the 6.TROFEO INTERNACIONAL POZUELO tournament, among eleven countries, our young female gymnasts have won second place, right after the gymnasts from the host country, Spain, while third place was taken by gymnasts from Belgium.

The team of girls, 10-13 years of age, Ira Popović, Elena-Diana Vičević, Jana Vrsalović and Ana Poščić, under the leadership of the coach Diana Lukašić, showed their skills and their year long engagement and efforts in Madrid.

Although very young, they have been training gymnastics for 6-7 years, 6 times a week for 3 or 4 hours. 'We practice gymnastics since we enjoy the sport very much. We like the flexibility, strength and ability of the gymnasts. For the competition in Madrid we trained with more intensity. We practiced the exercises over and over again and tried to perfect them. Sometimes it was hard, but we managed' we found out from the gymnasts.

To some girls even the mere flight was highly memorable: 'Elena and I have flown by plane for the first time and it was very exciting and entertaining. We really enjoyed it a lot' were Ana's words.

Except for the tournament the girls were also impressed by Madrid, where they visited the known Santiago Barnabeu stadium, the Royal Palace, the cathedral and other sights.

'We saw also Madrid. It is really a beautiful city. We also visited the known stadium. People were very welcoming and we really had a great time. It was very nice and we would definitely repeat something similar anytime' we heard from the girls.

Crocon wishes to take this opportunity and congratulate once more these young gymnasts and wish them many more similar beautiful experiences and competitions.

For more information about the competition you can read on the pages of the Gymnastic club Rijeka and