The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Crocon - the power of passion in our team

Dear partners and friends,

we are happy to share the good news of further recognition of Crocon in the field of corporate social responsibility. Written by our very own Linda Poščić Borovac and previously published in „Efficient manager and successful team 2015“, the article lives on and is now published on, a distinguished Croatian website that, amongst various business themes, promotes values near and dear to us, and this article is a proud example of just that.  

You can find the article on the following link:

…but for our non-Croatian speaking friends we've translated it right here, since we don't think language should be a barrier to spreading positive and successful practices! 


Corporate social responsibility – Example: CROCON – THE POWER OF PASSION IN OUR TEAM

The employees from the company Crocon d.o.o. are very much aware how fast growing are the things that are nurtured and cherished; and that is why besides professional responsibility in doing everyday business, working environment, teamwork, positivity, respect, proactivity, creativity, passion and gratitude are very appreciated.

The Company Crocon from Rijeka has embarked on its journey in 1993. as a representative for the leading international marine equipment manufacturers on Croatian market. Then and now, after 20 years of experience, all of our accomplishments and traces are the result of enthusiasm, energy and hard work. Long-standing “crew members” haven’t grown tired, aged or lost the curiosity of the journey. We still live our message, results and references – and we are enjoying it, proud because we approach every assignment with our hearts, proud to never lose the humanity from our sight, the goal to be both successful and a good company. Because of this grand goal, the choice and development of the “crew” has always been the first and most important job. And the hardest one! The high professional standard of knowledge and skills, characteristics and values was set as an imperative of Crocon Team!

Only the ones who feel passion, enthusiasm, who are willing to take the responsibility, to fight, no matter the limitations and mistakes. The ones who appreciate work and life! Only the ones who radiate with diligence and the desire to learn! Only they pass our tests, the long-term and daily ones. Because knowledge of business and practice are the things that a person with these predispositions can accomplish by work.

Shaping the quality human potential in Crocon is our strength and a view on life. Not just through the formal education programs, but also through encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own changing. We don’t think anyone is born excellent or stays that way for the rest of their life. Our experience has shown us that self-consciousness is actually one of the most important traits and skills.

Based on that, in 2012. a method of professional/personal development has been introduced –


This is a questionnaire about “self-conscious questioning” which every employee fills at least two times a year. They do a self-assessment, give themselves a criticism/praise, choose what else will they perfect and set a deadline for doing so. The filled questionnaire serves as a base for an interview with the company’s management. We have to admit – in the beginning it hasn’t always been easy to affirm in the role of “self-critic”. But, with the support and encouragement from the management, this self-assessment – sincere, serious and responsible – was never missing. And it has proven to be a “real hit”. But not only this, at the same time we have introduced another method – an anonymous survey


December every year is a time when employees throw in the “box for compliments” a paper with the description of the best traits they see in their colleagues. This is a way we learn to discover the good sides of people and life.  And we encourage good because it is not said in vain: “Rewarded behavior is the repeated behavior”. Prior going to the Christmas lunch, the compliments are randomly dragged out and read in front of everyone, accompanied by creative and witty comments.

These two creative methods – “be your own critic” and “be a positive critic” – are a part of our constant perfecting. Over time, these methods have had a remarkable impact on employees, but also on the output of the entire company. Only the excellent employees can create excellent results! Only the person with good qualities can become a good professional. And that is why, when some people ask us: “How do you feel at the end of the working day?” we easily answer: “We feel good”. As good as we feel during our pleasant morning coffee. And when they ask us: “Who are you?” we say: “Lovers of a good thought, humor and simplicity, creative chefs, sharp-minded writers, keen photographers, ski instructors, outstanding listeners, adventurers, automobile experts, authors of the creative ideas, wine experts, passionate paragliders, friends of the sea… And the builders of a good company!”

By living this business adventure even after so many years we are proud of a great number of things.

Linda Poščić-Borovac,

CEO, Crocon d.o.o.