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Crocon Thrane & Thrane’s registered reseller

We are proud to announce that since spring 2009 Crocon is the official registered reseller of Thrane & Thrane products distributed by European Satellite Link GmbH from Germany.

In fact, Thrane & Thrane is the world leading manufacturer of global satellite and radio communication that develops and markets a wide range of market satellite and radio communication equipment as well as reliable, innovative and user-friendly solutions for use at sea, land and in the air.

Devoted to constant development and innovation for solutions which improve safety and daily life at sea , Thrane & Thrane acquired the SAILOR brand in 2004 thus adding more than 50 years of legacy and experience in maritime communication to its range.

Thrane & Thrane covers a wide range of products all meeting mandatory requirements according to SOLAS regulations.

Thrane & Thrane's SAILOR products have become almost synonymous with GMDSS, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. The SAILOR GMDSS Systems solution for sea consists of MF/HF, GMDSS, portable VHF, EPIRB, SART and Inmarsat-C stations.

If in need of Internet and Voice at Sea SAILOR FleetBroadband will provide your vessel with broadband data and voice simultaneously on the latest generation of Inmarsat satellites.

As for Ship Security Alert System Thrane offers SAILOR TT-3000 SSAS based on the Inmarsat mini-C technology using the Inmarsat-C satellite network and SAILOR SC4000 Iridium SSAS using the Iridium satellite system.

Furthermore Vessel Monitoring Systems and Fleet tracking as well as Web Based Tracking is available through Inmarsat-C and Mini-C terminals delivered by Thrane & Thrane.

Finally, LRIT, Long Range Identification and Tracking which requires all SOLAS vessels to automatically transmit identity and position with date/time at 6-hours intervals is supplied by Thrane & Thrane all at great prices.