The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Enthusiasm and our four principles in working with clients

It is with great positivity, conviction and seriousness that we say – the only way to better our world, immediate or wider, and help it keep some spirit, is to surround ourselves and collaborate with other people who consider this their genuine wish and motivation for the work it takes. With this in mind, for the second year in a row, we happily participated and contributed to M.E.P.'s book „Effective manager and successful team 2016.“ by taking a look at our values and relationships with our partners in business, once more joining another outstanding team that worked on this book, as well as  being distinguished again as an example of good business practices in Croatia.

We left behind us a truly remarkable year from which we only carry the best situations and achievements, on which we continue to build our identity and values, exactly the theme of our president's article in „Effective manager“ - "Enthusiasm and our four principles in working with clients."

Motivated and with no lack of enthusiasm we step into 2016. and once again we promise to give it our all and be a company people are keen to write and talk about!




It's true, we live in a world intoxicated by the idea of easiness. People want everything and they want it now, success without the effort! Unfortunately, it isn't easy living and doing business in such an environment. But maybe it's because of that that it is an even bigger treasure to have been able to have a 20-year experience and all of our business accomplishments and references, based on our energy and effort.

Our luck in being surrounded by exceptional clients and people

We are proud of it, as well as the fact that in our approach and perspective we have never felt alone. In our role as representatives of world's leading makers of marine equipment on Croatian market, we've had a tremendous pleasure of getting to know exceptional individuals, domestic and foreign, virtuosos of simplicity and grandness, with whom we've experienced brilliant moments, the unbeatable power of positivity and energy in work, and who have proven countless times that good life and good business above all else mean good communicaton and relationships, which in turn lead to the best opportunities, ideas and traces.

These people are extremely important, they deserve to be relentlessly talked about, thanked, respected – because they are the ones who make this world a better place. This being our guideline, the individual growth of every one of us in the company is based on professional education and support of the entire being of the employee, their contentment, psychophysical health, rest, as well as creation of a working environment which respects and nurtures laughter, positivity, trust, tolerance, team spirit and aspiration to excellence.

We care about them!

We believe our treatment of others, especially communication, is the crucial factor in stability and success. This is a reflection of us as people and as professionals. We relay to others our straighforward message:

„We care! We want to be and we are gracious, available, responsible and concrete. We listen to your needs and questions attentively, your problems and doubts, and we try to come up with solutions in the simplest and quickest way. We know giving is at the forefront of receiving, and that receiving back is the result…“

From this approach to business, as well as our company image, many original ideas have come to life, such as our new product palette Authentic & Certified by Crocon, a brand tightly connected with Crocon's beliefs and values, our vision. The story that we are telling through this product collection is a new perception, new philosophy, and it is dedicated especially to those who respect it:

Simplicity * Positivity*Proactivity*Communication

All this in business and, of course, in life! We opted four the number four. Everything in nature shines through four basic colors. Our intuitive, spontaneous number „4“, that we later found out by little research is associated by many with tenacious, determined, hard-working, honest, just, strong people – turned out to be our luminous „flicker of light“. Following our number „four“, we've redesigned our web page. With our introductory video we've shown the passion in our work, through simplicity our world and our home. Through positivity we described our optimistic outlook and the values that drive our team. Through proactivity we've touched our core, the ones we serve and live our lives with – listing all our principals, companies we represent, our client, ship owners and ships.

Our collection is dedicated in thought to those few great and noble people that made us feel we were never alone in the world, those that always amazed us with their grandness, but who never shied away from simplicity, clear thoughts and honest communication; they were, and many still are, the unstoppable inspiration of our own positive thoughts, the ones who were always able to find the best in us and always showed us without exception they can listen and talk, respect themselves and us. Real communication is the two-way one. And so we always get that flicker in our eyes when we hear the echo of our doing from others – the „THANK YOU“ that comes from the clients, positive colleagues, dear suppliers, loyal friends, interesting visitors, hard working mailmen…

They come back to us…

This thank you…

…sometimes surprises us, sneaks in through our door in shape of a postcard from a client's exciting trip, or freshly picked field flowers, or ship's bell with a dedication from a principal for 20 years of cooperation.

…can be heard after a creative lunch with colleagues, in children's drawings for the support of their day care center, in UNICEF T-shirts, from young gimnasts for a sponsorship or during creative and adrenalin-filled team buildings.

…“breathes“ on thank you notes and certificates for mentorship and visionary support of the Happy ThinGS Academy – Rijeka acting school.

…is engraved on the longstanding DNV-GL ISO 9001 certificate as confirmation of the high standards in quality management, that we implemented more than thirteen years ago as the first Croatian company in the sector of representing foreign companies in marine business.

…is imprinted on our international certificate for 100 sold IBS systems (which it seems nobody else managed), which we accepted from world's leading IBS manufacturer Raytheon Anschütz from Germany during 2012 SMM, which is one of the largest fairs in ship building, mechanization and marine technologies.

…appears in our award for innovation in marketing which we received during METS, international marine fair, in Amsterdam, from the British company and our partner Orolia Ltd (McMurdo Group) as a recognition for oustanding progress in marketing.


If you knew us personally, you'd see how much it all matters…how many projects we've worked on, how many obstacles we've overcome, how much we are here every day, real for our clients and everyone else, well known for what we stand for, our mission: a job exceptionally done! Keys of our good business – history, tradition, image, standards, world recognitions, traces left, all of that is us. Our identity that truly says: this is Crocon! 

Linda Poščić Borovac, President of the Board of Directors, Crocon d.o.o.