The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Frustration to the side (UM 2019.)


Every day I feel a great respect towards this attitude. Truth be told, the titular word has long ago sold its soul to the devil and specialized in bringing the worst out of ourselves. Even various (polite)  attempts to define it more mildly, such as: the feeling of being upset as a result of being unable to change something, have in reality always been doomed. Fustration is nearly invincible, just refuses to be torn to the ground.

But while some easily give in to their daily frustration, I've decided to say: Oh no, you won't, frustration, you won't get under my skin when you want to! And not just mine, but any of the responsible human beings in our company. So we introduced the titular attitude into our company's atmosphere, as we've done before with our ethics code, ISO standards, our common morning coffee at our beloved kitchen bar...and many „lovely things I can't talk about“. Little did I know then that this would become one of our favourite daily games, stronger than any medical analgesic in relieving daily frustrations (and those are never in short supply). It's simply a „royal game“, when one looks forward to the joy of life and is able to laugh at one's own expense.

Sometimes our work day serves a real coctail of possible frustrations. Causes are many, surely you'll recognize them yourselves: from the pile of robotic, senseless, not human work anymore, system is doing this e-mails, or the non-existant support from government services (never there when you need them), to numerous forms and regulations you have to fill out and abide by, all the way to agressive, arrogant the pending unpaid invoices.


So, rule number one (1) is: once a „trigger“ appears for a new frustration, it is immediately internally announced among the colleagues and explained (because at our company this, too,  is team work and there are no frustrated or malevolent colleagues). This is where we begin to (2) combat the potential frustration through a series of jokes, jests, gags at the expense of the frustration, something like an effective childlike brainstorming session. Once we have enough quality unrelenting parodies, we (3) create a humorous story about the situation, full of creative and crazy design, but supported by facts, and this is when finally the frustration falls to its knees. In the end, (4) the entire story is made into a new „case file“ and saved into an internal book called – Frustration to the side!

All in all, you don't have to know medicine or love games (some life experience should be enough) to apreciate that this game of ours is a healthy thing, one we always recommend to our dear business partners. Some of them loved our game so much during one of their visits that they tried their best to end up on our book when they returned to their offices, by sending us a deliberately absurd message. Luckily for them (and us), they haven't succeeded. You have to „work“ hard to trigger the process. Meanwhile our partners have started to play this fun and healing games on their own.

After all, didn't Jaggi say that frustration and depression are signs that you are working against yourself?

Behind this life philosophy is not only the truth, but also the realization that „your thoughts mirror your life“.

Linda Poščić Borovac


*Since December 1, 2018, Linda Poščić Borovac is a memeber of the AL-UM-NI club of authors of Effective manager and successful team.