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Glamox Aqua Signal LED floodlights on Croatian fishing boat "Carica"

The new LED floodlights FL40 from our principal Glamox Aqua Signal are now illuminating "Carica", a fishing boat that is part of the fleet of Jadran Tuna d.o.o., one of the biggest fishing companies in Croatia. Their thirteen fishing vessels have a double task: they fish for tuna during tuna fishing season and they fish for small blue fish for the remainder of the season. 

"Carica" is known as one of the most successful fishing ships around and the first one to have installed and used LED lights, and their impressions are extremely positive. We spoke to Jadran Tuna owner Leo Mandić and "Carica"'s captain Ante Kovačić and one of the most important things we learned is that the fish actually seem more attracted to LED lights and they have been catching more fish in the six months upon installation! So not only are the LED lights extremely cost effective, considering power consumption is 80 percent less than with traditional lights and therefore the savings on gas are immense, but they even bring in more catch.

There are several more advantages of LED lights when compared to traditional metal halide lights:

  • they are maintenance free and have a five-year warranty on them
  • the housing is sea water resistant aluminium, which means it is lighter than standard lights and can endure tough conditions on the sea, and brackets are made from stainless steel
  • for fishermen it is good to know that the LED floodlights start up immediately while metal halide lamps take time to start which can lead to loss in catch
  • one of the biggest advantages is the lifetime of the LED inside, which is 50 000 hours and five times more than the bulbs and tubes used on traditional lighting

The future of lighting is in LED products and we are proud to have a new one that has proven itself in practice already.