The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Happy ThinGS "Film laboratory" successfully premieres four short movies

Months of dedicated hard work by Happy ThinGS Academy, their friends and associates culminated on Friday, December 14, 2018, at the successful, emotional and beautiful premiere of four short movies in Cinema Lovran.

The Happy ThinGS Academy Association, founded in Rijeka in 2014, gathers children and young adults under their acting school and summer course programmes, each working towards theatre productions, and this year through an entirely new Film laboratory programme they took on a whole new story and accepted the challenge of creating and filming movies. The Happy ThinGS leadership recognized in children a great desire to evolve and, having mastered the theatre form over the years, to try themselves at a completely new medium. So they bravely set upon a new, cinematic voyage and gathered thirteen young actors and the behind-the-camera crew, volunteers and enthusiasts whose generous work made this premiere possible.

Based on existing satirical texts by author Linda Poščić Borovac, created out of extensive and decades long business and life experience, then adapted and developed into movie scripts by drama pedagogue and actress Nataša Tepša Budija and her assistant Nino Perić, the movies cleverly critique certain segments of society and human behaviours through specific humour and through children's eyes.

The original texts were written before Happy ThinGS Academy even existed and thematically they followed Crocon's philosophy, which is based on and celebrates the wonderful, but more and more rarely found human qualities: positivity, proactivity, simplicity and good communication.

But even though the satires and the movies support these values, they talk about the other side, the majority which is more commonly present nowadays, having been created as a kind of counterattack, fighting the frustrations with the strongest weapon – humour. After all, as the author explains, it's always been easier surviving the stupidity and carelessness by laughing at them, mocking them and so taking away their power.

In the movie „Miraculous sport“ which actually supports posivity, we are introduced to the favourite Croatian sport – belly-aching! In „That nauseating simplicity“ together with the main protagonist we navigate the public service labyrinth, while in „What should you really eat and why?“ we cheer for good communication. Finally, the scariest and darkest movie of them all – „Pol & Tics“, talks about this greatest criminal couple of all time.

As described by Linda Poščić Borovac, the director of Crocon Ltd, the Film laboratory caused in  the whole crew huge, genuine joy, from the very beginning of the project, through creating and whirlwind from-dusk-til-dawn filming. „In those days we truly felt so much passion and positivity, nobleness and responsibility from all our young actors and every individual on the team, and I will personally remember those hours and hours of unbeatable creative energy and relentless enthusiasm for the rest of my life.“, said Mrs Poščić Borovac in her speech to the audience at the premiere.

Judging by the audience reactions, the themes of the movies struck a chord and the premiere ended to thunderous applause, laughter and approval, giving the young actors wind beneath their wings and proof that effort and hard work are always recognized and awarded (as much as it sometimes seems otherwise smile ).