The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

McMurdo’s PLB through Patagonia’s wilderness

Crocon again ensured safety equipment for our successful adventurers

“The WENGER PATAGONIAN ADVENTURE RACE is the last wild race“ words are from our known adventurer and Mt. Everest climber and conqueror, Darija Bostjančić. In February this year the race lived to see its 9th edition. In the selected company of 14 teams from all over the world the Ad Natura – Karibu team from Croatia also found its place, the participating team members were: Darija Bostjančić, Dario Rocco, Stiven Vunić and Elvir Sulić.

Although the impressions have not yet fully settled, we are proud to be among the few chosen ones that were able to hear first-hand details from Darija directly; therefore we will start from the very beginning.

WPER or Wenger Patagonian Adventure Race is a race held every year in a slightly altered form in Patagonia, Chile and presents the ultimate challenge for adventurers where not only their physical readiness but also their psychical, gets tested by traveling through wild landscapes previously unknown to the human eye.

“The race consists of classic adventure sport disciplines like orientation, trekking, kayaking and mountain biking, and what makes this race specific are the unpredictable and wild expanses of South Patagonia with changes of 3 seasonal periods in one day” Darija explains. The 600km long route through mountains, glaciers, wild river currents and dense forests best describes the character of the challenge.

We are emphasizing that the preparation for this type of adventure race lasts for up to a year, not including only the physical readiness but also the procurement of different equipment essential for the participation. The PLB FastFind 210 McMurdo’s Personal Location Beacon whose exclusive representative in Croatia is the company Crocon d.o.o. from Kastav was also carried by our team in Patagonia among the necessary equipment. A device that by activation transmits a so called Distress signal and through the GPS receiver locates the exact position of the injured person for a fast and safe rescue. Darija gave us her opinion about the PLB: “We try to reduce the equipment to the minimum, but in order to feel safe it is better to take a few grams extra since in case of an accident in remote areas where cell phones are without signal the Fast Find 210 would be of tremendous benefit”.

This year the organizer Mr. Stjepan Pavicic announced the most difficult race so far and pointed out that only a small number of the most qualified teams will finish the race, which gives an even greater significance to the excellent result of the Ad Natura – Karibu team, that from a total of 14 participating teams, came in forth out of 6 teams on the finish line.

In the end, what’s left to be mentioned is that the Ad Natura team will take part of this same race also next year and again give us this pleasurable opportunity of being at least a small part in their grand adventure.