The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

PLB for our mountain climbers on Mont Blanc

Crocon equipped the adventurous climbers from Banina with McMurdo’s locators

It is time to cool off these warm summer days with a story from the White Lady, Mont Blanc.

The young members of the adventurous association Banina, Marin Šimanić, Mario Krešević, Boris Lipovac and Tonči Šorić have engaged in a mountaineering undertaking to the highest peak of Europe. This young association from Kastav, near Rijeka gathers mountain, canyon, sea and lake lovers, while a great number of activities are carried out for the purpose of promoting the ecosystem.

Crocon ensured additional safety to the young climbers on their climb to the top of the White Lady, by equipping them with a personal location beacon from McMurdo FastFind 210 PLB.

The chosen route to the top of Mont Blanc was via Gouter. After spending the night at a retreat at 2873 msl, our climbers from Banina have set off on their expedition early in the morning towards the Gouter hut at 3814 msl. From a member of the expedition we found out that this was also the hardest and most dangerous part of the journey, since it meant crossing the Grand Couloir, also known as the “Death Gully” due to a large number of fatal accidents that occurred there over a long span of years. Other than the steep crevasse, that presents by itself an exertion, the most dangerous part of the gully is the ledge, point of crossing sideways a distance of 35-40m, with constant falling of rocks and ice from the top.

Nevertheless, despite the great strain, our four climbers have climbed over the crossing without any major difficulties waiting for a favorable moment with the least landslides and using the mountaineering equipment. After 5 hours of climbing, our Banina climbers have arrived at the Gouter hut to rest and overnight in order to seize the morning and conquer the top. Unfortunately, the second part of the journey they continued without one member of the expedition since he had trouble with altitude adjustment.

Not even the strong northern wind, narrow cliffs, the exhaustion nor frostbitten feet diverted our climbers that, after seeing for the fist time the very top, during daybreak, aimed their concentration to seizing the top of Mont Blanc.

“At 8.55h we stood on top of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, at 4810 msl. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery for about 20 minutes, admired the Alps and its peaks as well as the clouds residing around 1000-2000 msl below us. After this the wind started to gain force once again and thus we decided to start our descent, that was more or less routine and in about 2 and a half hours we were again at the base, at the Gouter hut. For safety reasons we have decided to spend one more night and descent through the gully early next morning. At 5.30h we have left the safety of the hut and started descending the Grand Couloir. Although arduous, the descent went smoothly and in 3 and a half hours we were sitting in the lift for Chamonix” says Mario.

Well done to our young Banina climbers and congratulations on their success. Crocon wishes them many more new, interesting and successful adventures in the near future.