The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

PLB – grand prize at Risnjak Mountain Trek

While approaching Crni Lug and the start of Risnjak Mountain Trek there is a degree of anxiety as well as excitement in regards to what's ahead, we feel the adrenalin and the impatience. This will be the first time that Crocon team, other than awarding the Ultra track winner, also actively participates at the race. Soon, we will find out whether the hours of recreational running have been worth while, “do we have it in us”?

The race begins, and not even a part of the beginning enthusiasm has left us. The route is split in 2 tracks, a Mountain track, in length of 30km and Ultra, in length of 50km. The route stretches throughout the National park Risnjak that attracts every visitor with overwhelming sites, an untouched nature, diversity, and maybe even, like us, with a deer or two, from time to time, to remind us where we are. We admire the nature, and in person we realize how easy it is to get lost in the forest, regardless of the map and compass. In this and similar unforeseen situations where there is no other possibility, the personal location beacon is the last potential life saver in life threatening situations.

As time passed by, as well as the kilometers behind us, it was starting to be more and more clear why trekking in Croatia has become a serious sport that regularly gathers almost 300 enthusiastic adventurers a race.

Approaching the end of the race we realize that the organizer has prepared a real treat for us, an ascent on a cliff above the mountain hut “Josip Schlosser Klekovski” on an elevation of 1528m.

Having climbed on top we realize that the fatigue has disappeared and all that is left is a fantastic view that stretches from the top of Risnjak. Krk, Cres, Učka, Lokve and the rest of Gorski kotar look as if held on the palm of a hand.

In the end, we take this opportunity to congratulate this year’s winner of the Ultra category, Bojan Jevševar that was awarded by Crocon with a McMurdo Fast Find 210 personal location beacon. We hope that the PLB will accompany him on his future adventures and secure him additional safety, although we hope that he however will never need to use it.

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