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Presentation of pressfitting tools in Croatian shipyards

In May 2014 three experts in pressfitting materials visited shipyards in the northern part of Croatia. They were representatives of the Italian company Savinox, an exclusive dealer of pressfitting pipes and fittings for the naval industry.

The purpose of their visit to Croatian northern shipyards was to educate and inform operational employees about new, better pressfitting tools, able to ease their work and make it more efficient. They also received the information that Savinox is certified to control, test and repair Novopress tools, as well as extend warranties and life duration of the units up to a year once the tools are sent to them each year for testing.

The focus of their presentation was on 4 different types of pressfitting units, the latest selection of quality pressfitting tools on the market today. A compact, multi talent Novopress pressing unit ACO202 that can carry out twice as many pressings  (up to size 54 mm metal pipe and 75 mm plastic pipe) thanks to the powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, reduced weight and slim design. Then, the tough quality pressing unit AFP202, a reliable, robust and durable tool with two powerful types of batteries, a pistol style design which lies safe and comfortably in your hands and an impressive pressing force (up to size 108 mm metal pipe and 110 mm plastic pipe).  Following, two electrical driven pressing units. The comfort line ECO 301 pressing unit, an optimal tool system that can be monitored electronically for its perfect combination of pressing unit and press-jaw, requires low pressing energy and, thanks to the centric pressing, it offers an optimum of force-dispersion (up to size 108 mm metal pipe and 110 mm plastic pipe). And last but not least, the reliable and durable d-shaped Novopress EFP202 pressing unit, equivalent in power to the battery driven AFP202, enables quick and easy working with automatic retraction and short pressing cycles.