The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

SMM 2016, Hamburg

This year we were once again part of SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair held in Hamburg, Germany. With more than 2.200 exhibitors from all over the world, from Europe to China, Iran, UAE, Malaysia, and about 50.000 visitors, the 27th SMM concluded on September 9th, 2016 with great satisfaction for all involved.

The fair turned our to be, as always, a great platform for meetings, presenting new products and enjoying the opportunities provided by eye-to-eye communication between old and new partners.

Our principals were well represented and took great care to present their well-known, as well as some new products and equipment at the fair:

Raytheon Anschütz presented a suite of the latest navigation systems, including the new SYNAPSIS NX INS and the next generation of smart heading and radar sensors.

Glamox Aqua Signal demonstrated their knowhow within the field of lighting, as well as some new innovative products, like the DL42 LED specifically designed to be integrated into fire approved ceilings – a product brand new to the global market.

GEA focused on environmentally-friendly techniques, such as treatment of bilge and ballast water or oil and oil sludge treatment, and presented solutions for processing of fuel and lube oil and components for air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration technology.

Eucaro Buntmetall, Zöllner, Clean Marine, Blücher, DVZ Services, McMurdo, Honeywell Marine, Honeywell Tanksystem and Schwepper were all represented and well visited as well.

In conclusion we were once again pleased to have participated in this special international fair and proud to have had so many of our principals presented there.