The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Creators for Centuries - Crocon receives international recognition for development of ideas, innovation and investment in entrepreneurship

As our long time partners and friends well know, our core business is only one part of our story and our identity.

It is our tireless creative efforts under Authentic & Certified by Crocon brand, an important part of our company’s fabric, that brought us a very special recognition this year, called Creators for Centuries.

We have been chosen as one of 40 laureates, evaluated and chosen between 491 candidates from 10 countries of central and South-East Europe by an independent International committee made up of experts in economics, marketing, management, finances and entrepreneurship.

In the words of president of the committee, prof. dr. Siniša Zarić, it is the goal of this project, for the fourth year in a row, “to put a spotlight on great visionaries and leaders of tomorrow whose fearlessness, hard work, knowledge, creativity and exceptional results are the foundation and main driving force of the community we all live in.”

The award and recognition for development of ideas, innovation and investment  in entrepreneurship that we received is meant for individuals and organizations that develop exceptional original ideas in entrepreneurship and for entrepreneurship, and we are especially proud of our Crocon Case which we were able to present to such a selected crowd of entrepreneurs from the entire region.

The Creators for Centuries were awarded as part of a Regional summit of Entrepreneurs under the title “The Best 300” held in Dubrovnik in Croatia between March 02 and 04, 2018, where we also participated as speakers and presented our own example of good business practice on the subject of “Creativity as means of successful start-up and development of entrepreneurship.”

We found especially interesting the inspiration behind the title of the summit “The Best 300” which was meant to invoke associations to “The 300 Spartans”, a 1962 film depicting the 300 Spartans (today’s entrepreneurs) fighting the Persian army of almost endless numbers (today’s government/administration which fails to create the surroundings for easier and more successful business practice). In the film, despite weak odds, the Spartans refuse to run or surrender to the enemy, even if this means their certain death. The film exudes bravery and determination, which have to be main distinctions of any of today’s entrepreneurs.

“This summit gathered in one place the people leading the economic and social development, those who inject in any economic system a vast quantity of their own energy and creativity, knowledge, talent and capability to create and lead…”, said the president of the Program council of the summit.

And after spending three days getting to hear stories and experiences of exactly such people, we can only agree and conclude we have left Dubrovnik feeling proud of our accomplishments, which were recognized by the international business community, and additionally inspired to keep creating and leaving our trace in the years to come.