The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

Superheroes of our work day

As part of our continued collaboration with the planner Effective manager and successful team, we have contributed to the 2018 edition with a thoughtful reflection by our CEO Linda Poščić Borovac on the importance of our daily superheroes. The planner is issued yearly by company M.E.P. d.o.o. which was honored by the Croatian Association of Employees in 2015 for their contribution to the development and advancement of corporate social responsibility in Croatia.



"When during one day I have the benefit of exchanging simplicity in communcation, honesty in attitude, humility in knowledge and passion in everything I do with a humourus, positive individual, responsible mind or a playful wise businessman, regardless of which corner of the world they come from – then this is one of those lucky, inspired, healthy days.

Every morning I  look forward to discovering those days. But it seems to me there used to be far, far more of them two decades ago when my business voyage with Crocon started. Furthernore, there was fullness of relationships, kept promises, there was that amazing (today nearly extinct) „gentlemen's agreement“ based on trust and avoiding the hundreds of legal terms found in contracts today, worth so little.

This is why I like the  people who give their best. I call them „A few good men“ (few like the days I look forward to). These people are awake. They are authentic,courageous in their decisions, emotionally mature, free of the burden of the ego, and carrying a big dose of healthy self-confidence. They don't care about robotic reports, analysis, forms or any other social and business conformities, nor for the titles, functions, occupations. What they do care about is quality, precision, solutions. These are the things they put first, not excuses, caution and irresponsibility. It truly is lucky to be able to cooperate with such extraordinary people, superheroes, those who consciously ponder their behaviour and abhor adjustments depending on the direction of the wind.

We are proud of them, as well as the fact that with this kind of approach and perspective as a company we have never felt alone. In our role as representatives of leading world manufacturers of marine equipment on Croatian market, we have had a great pleasure of meeting exceptional individuals, virtuosos of simplicity, experiencing special moments, proving to ourselves countless times that good life and business above all mean good communication and relationships, which then lead to opportunities and ideas. These positive thinkers are extremely important, deserve to be thanked and respected for making the world a better place. Especially today when, unfortunately, here at home as well as internationally, we are facing the hard truth: „Humanity has been hacked.“ And dangerously so.

There are good days, there are good people. I have learned to appreciate every moment with those few good people (in business and life in general). I know this is when the smiles don't leave our faces, so good for keeping the good look as well as dealing with „robotoids“, many received robot-human e-mails, like this one I just received from a business partner: „From today on all reminders will be sent out automatically to our customers...It's not human work anymore, the system is doing this. If something is not correct...let me know. That's all I want to say.“

And this is where I smile and join the Hope club. "

Linda Poščić Borovac