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Test activation of PLB device on Platak

The newest test activation of McMurdo's Fast Find PLB 210 was realized on August 23rd, 2017 in cooperation with MRCC Rijeka, MRCC Bari and Goranski sports centre (GSC) on location Platak near Rijeka. The activation and demonstration of working principle, speed and reliability of the PLB proved to be more than successful.

The test activation took place in part of the Platak woods called Telekit, a microlocation chosen by representatives of GSC as a spot with no GSM signal whatsoever. The PLB was activated at 09:20AM. From enclosed MRCC test report it was confirmed that they received confirmation of the activation itself, as well as our position, within two minutes.

MRCC Rijeka, after receiving the notice from MRCC Bari in Italy, contacted Air traffic service in Zagreb and MRCC Kopar in Slovenia, who also received the notice of activation, as well as 112 Center, which would have initiated search and rescue actions in case the activation was real.

This latest test activation once again gave us a chance to witness the promptness of reaction of all involved services in charge of receiving signals in case of unfortunate events and accidents and organization of search and rescue activities, as well as extremely short period of receiving the signal after activation.