The game of life is a game of boomerangs.

Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us

sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn

The big book of "Good Croatia"

Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility, we call it the values we live, practice and nurture.

We call it the company's state of mind, not a project with a beginning and and ending.

Those who are familiar with our way of thinking know on how many different fronts we live our CSR. Be it the unrelentless commitment to bring back the forgotten human relationships and values in business trough our creative brand, or the unwavering support of Happy ThinGS Academy, or the personalized birthday presents and "praise your colleague" Christmas traditions, or just the simple shared morning coffee among colleagues, CSR is truly something we live.

As a company led by example, not talk, we have been doing everything in our power to foster an inspiring atmosphere and positive, nurturing environment inside and outside of the office.

Through the unfortunate trends of dehumanized business and unstable times in our core business, what has kept us going and fighting have been certain individuals and companies sharing our values and spirit.

One of them has certainly been M.E.P., creator and publisher of "Effective manager and successful team", the yearly CSR-oriented book and planner. Without a doubt the greatest promotor of CSR and the related good practices in our country, M.E.P has been shining a light on the "good Croatia" for 25 years now, having just celebrated the silver edition of the "Effective manager", as well as another remarkable achievement – a big book of "Good Croatia", the first and only comprehensive presentation and story of such community devoted companies that have been featured in the planner for many years.

Crocon and M.E.P have been working together for years, developing a mutual respect and friendship, having our stories and examples featured in "Effective manager" since 2015, and now in the "Good Croatia" book as well, where we presented our CSR spirit through our Happy ThinGS Academy story.

We were therefore more than happy to attend the celebration of the 25th consecutive edition of "Effective manager" in Zagreb, which doubled as the promotion of the new book, to support and congratulate our partners and friends for their tremendous efforts and achievements.

We walk away with a warm and satisfying feeling, having spent some time with like-minded and inspiring people, knowing that as long as there are still those that haven't forgotten the importance of humanity, decency and understanding – those undeniable marks of strength in these times of burnout – we will have a reason and motive to keep doing our best in and outside of Crocon.