Crocon d.o.o.

Genius is the ability

to put into effect what is on your mind. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our acknowledgments

The biggest acknowledgment for our work is to hear: “THANK YOU”…from exceptional clients, positive colleagues, dear business partners and suppliers, as well as faithful friends, interesting visitors and busy postmen. This “THANK YOU” sometime surprises us, appears at our door in the form of a postcard from an exciting trip of a satisfied client, freshly picked flowers or a ship’s bell with an engraving from a dear principal for our successful 20 years of business.           

It is heard also after a creative lunch with colleagues, it comes out from a children’s drawing for the help offered to their playschool, from the years-long DNV ISO certification for the high quality of our business management, or UNICEF’s gift t-shirts.  

A big “THANK YOU” is printed on a remarkable world acknowledgment for the 100th jubilee sale of Integrated Bridge Systems, and on a witty thank you note from young gymnasts for our sponsorship, it is gained from adrenaline and extremely creative teambuildings…as well as moving tears at the end of a successfully organized and carried out charity drive! There are many, beautiful “THANK YOU” we hold dear as great acknowledgments that fulfill our work and our hearts.