Crocon d.o.o.

There is little difference in people,

but that little difference makes a big difference. W. Clement Stone

Our force

Passion, a positive outlook, good communication, commitment and dedication is our force…our driving force that stimulates us every day to devote our greatest efforts and talents, to achieve some of our best creations. So, when people ask us wearily, how do we feel at the end of the working day? We answer: “We feel pretty great”. But, we feel that way also after a pleasant morning coffee with usually happy and witty colleagues or after a talk with exceptional individuals. But mostly, we feel great because we put our hearts in the work we do. And when they ask us, who are we? We answer: “Lovers of good thoughts, humor and simplicity, creative chefs, sharp writers, vigilant photographers, skiing instructors, exceptional listeners, passionate soccer players, skippers, boatmasters, script writers, producers, adventurers, authors of creative ideas, wine connoisseurs, friends of the sea and much much more”. We are all of that. All of that is our force.