Crocon d.o.o.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones,

you'll start having positive results. Willie Nelson

Our perspective

The truth is that through life we often face difficult and troubled times, as well as people. 

However, on our journey that lasts over 25 years, our only inspirations are the simple yet grand, proactive and positive people that know how to expressively communicate in business and in life, in general. Knowing these individuals, passing brilliant times with them, feeling their force of positivity and energy, we constantly proved that good life and good business is nothing but a series of good conversations through which new opportunities are discovered, boundaries moved, new ideas created...where life is lived to the fullest.         

Following the aphorism “we do not learn in order to explain or become familiar with the world in which we act, but in order to change it”, we have created a new brand Authentic & Certified by Crocon whose role models are people that respect and develop honesty, positivity, proactivity, tolerance, justice…and many more uncounted other positive qualities and thoughts. Hence, they merit that we talk about them, thank them and respect them, creating an environment where people look up to correct and real human values, and not the distorted ones. 

SIMPLICITY – is the key! Grand are those not afraid of simple things, clear thoughts and open communication.

POSITIVITY – is a decision! Grand are those always finding the very best in others and creating thus a better world. Positive people know that happiness in their life depends solely on the quality of their thoughts.

PROACTIVITY – is inspiration! Grand are those initiating action and constantly creating progress with their winner’s mindset.

COMMUNICATION – (correct) is the road to success! Grand are those that have shown over and over again that they are able to listen actively, speak clearly and specifically and with their approach in communication respect themselves and others around them.

Hence, to these grand people with an incredible passion in work, force and “sparkle” in their eyes - thank you!