Crocon d.o.o.

keeping up the flow


A pipeline is like our blood circulation…it is essential that it works meticulously and flawlessly. And yet, simple and fast, like fitting Blucher’s pipe drains. Push-fit! Push-fit and it’s done! A bit of pressure and “click”…a sound that proves those stainless steel pipes are firmly tightened. No welding, cutting, redundant excess. With incredible simplicity and efficiency, with every “click” the drain is closer to its completion. More than 800 vessels worldwide testify to the high quality and advanced design of Blucher’s sanitary discharge systems, and along with the esteemed award for best partner of the year by leading cruise line shipyard Meyer Werft, it continues to reinforce its position of world-leading manufacturer of stainless steel drainage systems.


Pushfit. Pipe. Fitting. Drainage. Sanitary discharge system. Marine drain. AISI 316L. AISI 304. Water trap. Bend. Branch. Sleeve. Pipe penetration. Pipe cutter…and more.