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The Voyage Data Recorder is like our brain…

Danelec Marine

The Voyage Data Recorder is like our brain...Just as our brains remember important events in our lives, the VDR has the important task and ability to remember (record) and store vital information related to vessels' operation. It is therefore extremely important to choose a quality product such as our partner's Danelec's VDR DM100 - the new generation VDR with break-through time saving, revolutionary SWAP technology, which saves all system software and configuration on a hot-swappable memory card, and in case of requested shipboard service allows it to be quickly inserted in a new unit, while the old unit undergoes on-shore service while the vessel continues the planned voyage without delay, thus saving valuable time and service cost. The DM100 is a trust-worthy device IMO-compliant with the 2014 VDR standards and beyond.