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modern marine technologies for clean oceans

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Modern water treatment technologies are like the effect of fresh potable water on our organism…and we know that today sustainable development and coexistence with nature becomes an imperative emphasized more and more each day. These strict criteria are set before ships and the industry too, in regards to their impact on the environment and contamination. Strict regulations require sophisticate equipment and technological processes. And, like the human body that through a series of accurate processes retains useful, while dismisses harmful substances, DVZ’s water treatment systems, with a series of sophisticated technological processes, without requiring chemical agents for its work, purifies and recycles ballast waters, safeguarding our seas and maintaining our environment in its natural balance.         


Water treatment technology. Oil-in-water technology. Oilchief. Reverse osmosis. Bio mass separator unit. Biological sewage treatment plant. Biomaster. Bilge separator. Fat trap. Water holding. Water lifting. UV-sterilization…and more.