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GEA is a leading supplier of high performance equipment for treating fuel oil, lube oil, bilge water and ballast water, while their air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing solutions ensure that passengers are comfortable and that cargo arrives in good condition. GEA supplies separation systems specifically designed for continuous operation under the roughest conditions. GEA centrifuges and supply systems do equal justice to the economic challenges of maritime logistics as they do to the increasingly stringent rules and regulations governing the protection of the oceans. 


Fuel and lube oil treatment. Separators. Separator modules. Compact Units. Centri Packs. Ballast water treatment systems. BallastMaster ultaV. BallastMaster marineX. Fuel conditioning. ViscoBoosterUnits. Fresh water generators. SeaWaterDistiller. Bilge water treatment. BilgeMaster. Sludge Treatment. SludgeMaster. Cat fines removal. CatFineMaster. Scrubber water treatment .ScrubberMaster...and more.