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Glamox Marine and Offshore GmbH

Lights are like our eyes…they lead us through life, steer us, color our paths, keep us alert so that we are able to act effectively, move, create…it is important thus that they are top quality, trusted, especially there…far away in the open sea, where a ship has nothing to rely on but its light sources. Hence, the reliability, quality and efficiency of the lights of the world famous manufacturer Glamox Aqua Signal GmbH, have been for decades their most important aim. The wide product range for commercial and passenger ships, navy, ferries, mega yachts, platforms and small recreational marine vessels applies the latest technologies to marine lighting systems and covers an entire spectrum of on board lighting, offering clients an innovative and quality platform for realizing their individual ideas and desires at all times.


Lighting system. Navigation light. Signal light. Fluorescent light. Halogen light. Helideck light. Floodlight. Downlight. LED light. EEx light. Watertight light. Control panel. Technical light. Architectural light…and more.