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tank gauguing solutions and systems

Honeywell Marine

Measuring equipment is like our tactile enables us to simply and precisely measure the level of liquids and cargo, as touch enables us to feel and correctly estimate the quantity, quality and other characteristics of substances we come in contact with. The company closely specialized this measure of reliability, which made Honeywell become a leader in the production and sale of precision level measurement systems for marine applications and the industry. The systems are intended for all types of ships, from commercial vessels and cruise ships to ferries and leisure crafts, as well as, offshore platforms. Honeywell’s production ranges from tank radar level gauging systems for tankers and inland river vessels to tank level and pressure transmitters.                 


Automated tank level gauging system. Radar level tank gauges. Gas detection system. Electro-pneumatic level transmitters. Electrical level transmitters. Ship automation. Alarm monitoring system. Valve remote control system…and more.