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safety for professionals


Safety equipment is like our nervous system…and we all know there's never too much safety like there’s never too much…we’ll joke a bit…nerves! And truly, like a human body that sends impulses through its nervous system, the emergency GMDSS equipment sends distress calls through radio signals and the Cospas Sarsat system and informs quickly, accurately and efficiently about people in distress situations in need of assistance. From the leader in the development and manufacture of emergency location beacons and NAVTEX technology like EPRIBs, SARTs and PLBs, comes the McMurdo brand, a name very well known to every seafarer and adventurer. And, although McMurdo’s emergency beacons represent that last resort safeguard that hopefully you’ll never have to use, if you do use them, you can rest assured that they will perform flawlessly and efficiently and that rescue will be on its way, fast!      


Emergency location beacon. 406 MHz distress beacon. PLB. EPIRB. Smartfind. Fastfind. Grab bag. Transponder. SART. AIS SART. VHF. Navtex. Weather station. Hydrostatic release unit…and more.