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Raytheon Ansch├╝tz

The command bridge is like our brain…and our Synapsis integrated navigation is named after brain synapses so as to put emphasis on the function and importance of the system. As synapses are important for the creation of awareness, that is, they enable us to feel, act and think through the reciprocal transfer of signals, so is our Synapsis system, as the first integrated navigation system in the world, attested in compliance with the newest IMO INS standards, intelligently networking a range of different navigation equipment creating an entirely flexible navigation system completely oriented towards the individual needs of our customers.         


Synapsis Integrated Bridge System. Radar. Gyro compass. Steering control system. Autopilot. ECDIS. Conning display. VDR. AIS. GMDSS. SSAS. LRIT…and more.