Crocon d.o.o.

pressfitting system for marine application


A pipeline is like our blood circulation…and, as the blood vessel system consists of arteries, veins and capillaries, in the same manner, a pipeline consists of numerous pipe parts, fittings, connections and profiles. These systems must always be available in order to impeccably perform its function. On this principle, Savinox developed its commercial strategy, oriented to maintain on stock a complete range of products and become thus an exclusive dealer of pressfitting pipes and fittings for the naval industry in Italy. Their own large stocking capacity and very good relationship with sub suppliers of high quality standards, put Savinox in range with the most important Italian suppliers for the ship building and ship repair, chemical, petrol chemical industries and piping plants in general.


Pressfitting. Mapress. Pressfitting tool. Pipe. Fitting. Welded pipe. Seamless pipe. Stainless steel. Carbon steel. Copper. Special alloy…and more.