Crocon d.o.o.

lock and hardware concepts for ships & yachtbuilders


Locks and handles are like our ligaments and joints…as the latter represents vital parts of the human body that enable or limit our movement, similarly, ships have their components, which enable an unobstructed passage of the crew and passengers, or otherwise, prevent entry of unauthorized people or the penetration of water onboard. And the leader in this segment, the production of a wide range of ship’s hardware, is not surprisingly, Schwepper, for their continuous quality and ample expertise, over 140 years long. Therefore, not surprising is also the fact that almost every shipyard in Germany, as well as many other uncounted international clients are Schwepper’s longtime customers.


Door lock. Cylinder. Handle. Plate. Hinge. Bolt. Latch. Cabinet lock. Cabinet hardware. Door holder. Handrail. Ventilation slide…and more.