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Wieland Eucaro GmbH

A pipeline is like our blood circulation…it enables the flow of precious substances and liquids. And like copper nickel alloys it has to be reliable. Good welding and soldering properties, good cold-workability, high thermal stability, excellent resistance to corrosion and, in particular, to sea water, attest to the reliability of Eucaro’s CuNi pipes and fittings. Hundreds of thousands of tons of copper and copper alloys in form of pipes, bars, wires and profiles, confirm the extraordinary dedication of this world’s leading producer of seawater-resistant and readily weldable alloys, which through continuous investment in the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment ensures consistently high quality and flexibility for its customers.             


CuNi 90/10. Pipe. Fitting. Elbow. Flange. T-piece. Coupling. Socket. Welding end. Pipe connection. Reducer. Saddle…and more.