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Crocon part of round table on female entrepreneurship

On Wednesday 29.09.2021. our Linda Poščić Borovac participated in a round table organized by Hrvatska udruga poslodavaca - Croatian Employers`​ Association (HUP) on PAR University College together with three other young entrepreneurs who shared their experiences in work and life, their factor that we defined as "guts" and what makes them always work more and outside the framework that is expected. "Disaster" was the leitmotif of the day, there were free mentions of "assholes", we laughed, shared experiences without gloves, so we can truly say that this was one of our favorite discussions so far. 😊 You can watch the whole relaxed and lively discussion on the HUP Youtube...

"DISASTER" wins Content Marketing Award 2021 as Best Corporate Book

It's been quite a journey for our passion project „DISASTER – A Diagnosis of Modern Business“ – from an idea formed in Linda's notebook long time ago to a decision to create this „picturebook for businessmen“, it's been numerous brainstorming sessions, coffees, teas, back-and-forth e-mails, ideas, changes, laughing fits and memorable moments between Linda and Ana at Crocon, our writer Zoran Krušvar and our designer Veronika Uravić Čolak.

When the book finally saw the light of day in the fall of 2020, right amidst the turbulent period encompassing the whole world, we could only hope for the best.

Fast forward to July 2021 and „DISASTER“ has...

A penny for artificial intelligence, two pennies for human awareness and spirit! Otherwise, no sustainability.

S vs. A ergo O! (Sustainability vs. Awareness ergo Oxygen!)

Who knows how crazy our deep belief in democracy and human rights will seem to generations a hundred years from now, just as we now find silly some ancient tales of going to war and heroisms in exchange for acceptance to heaven. Really – people were surging into crusades from 11th to 13th century motivated, among other things, by the pope's act of forgiveness of all sins and a guaranteed place in heaven. Pure fiction – with enormous strength and consequences!

Will somebody make fun of terms such as sustainability, humanity, equality, responsible living that a lot of us believe can and should exist?...